Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who can benefit from Tweet Topic Analysis?

   Tweet topic analysis can be beneficial to general twitter users as well as specific groups of people. Here is an outline of how tweet topic analysis can be used by various kinds of users:
  1. Business Analysts can use tweet topic analysis to get an idea of the opinions people have of the products and services provided by their company. Usually when new products are released in the market there is a buzz in twitter about it. Capturing the tweets for their company's products as well as the products offered by their competitors can give Business Analysts insight as to how to their business can be improved.
  2. Advertisers can use location specific tweet topics analysis to get information on the topics that people from a certain location are tweeting about. If a large number of people are tweeting about laptops in Urbana, Illinois for example, advertisers can target Urbana for displaying ads on laptops. Also tweet topic analysis over a longer period of time can help advertisers get an idea about people's overall interests in various regions.
  3. Journalists can use tweet topic analysis to get user opinions on news events and write articles that take into account user sentiments on various topics. Also, since people from different regions can have different opinions on events, location specific tweet topic analysis can help journalists in writing articles that are relevant to people from a certain region.
  4. General Twitter Users can use tweet topic analysis to understand public opinion on various interesting topics which in turn can help them make informed decisions about various aspects of their life. Twitter users can also find interesting topic specific tweets which they can in turn retweet to their followers or use to start a discussion with the senders of the tweets.

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